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  Tooth discolouring and unpleasant breath are generally the principal reasons for patients to come to a dental medicine practice asking for professional cleaning.
Inflammation of gums due to layers of tartar and other bacterial strata are a more far reaching issue than one could foresee at initial glance. This is where periodontitis begins which, currently, is the principal reason for tooth loss.
In order to avoid this - sound oral hygiene is of the utmost importance.
This can be achieved by regular cleaning at home together with professional cleaning at your dentist’s. The interval between professional cleaning is determined individually for each patient, depending on specific requirements.
Professional cleaning is performed using ultrasound instruments, air polishing and surface polishing with special pastes.
The ultrasound operating principle is to utilise vibrations and water jets to wash out hard and soft tooth strata (tartar and plaque).
This is followed by air polishing to all teeth surfaces using minute particles of special powder under high pressure.
It is important to emphasise during both procedures the tooth surface remains intact.
Once all the surfaces have been cleaned and polished, and provided oral hygiene is satisfactory, the possibilities for the creation of new strata and all the accompanying issues are decreased.
Regular professional cleaning significantly contributes to aesthetics and the health of teeth and gums.

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